Nutriline natural extracts build great health

Modern day health conditions pertaining to Cholesterol, Prostate, Eyesight, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer etc. can be prevented/ improved NATURALLY with micronutrients and phytochemicals found in plants and herbs. NUTRILINE’s natural extracts include healthful compounds such as Lutein diester, Borage Oil, Flax seed Oil, Forskolin, Gingerol, Policosanol, Piperene and that help us in alleviating many chronic health conditions and maintaining a long and healthy life.

As a reputed supplier for the food, cosmetic, perfumery and nutraceutical industry in international markets for over a decade, Spisys offers pure and concentrated NUTRILINE natural extracts for your good health..

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World Leaders in the current technology,
we are the makers of fine Spice Extracts and Ingredients

Spisys Limited is a technology driven manufacturer of natural high quality, pure and concentrated spice extracts, active nutraceutical compounds and decaffeinated teas.


First in India to develop this technology

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All our products are pure extracts


Our team brings over 18 years of experience

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