Black Pepper


Black Pepper oil and Black pepper oleoresins are obtained from black pepper. Pepper oil is produced by SCFE CO2 extraction of crushed berries. The oil is an almost colourless to bluish-green liquid with a characteristic odour, reminiscent of pepper, but without the pungency of the spice. The oil contains mainly monoterpene hydrocarbons (ca. 80%): Thujene, pinene, camphene, sabinene, carene, myrcene, limonene, phellandrene, and sesquiterpenes (sabinene 20 - 25%) and oxygenated compounds.

  • Pepper oleoresin is produced by SCFE CO2 extraction and, unlike the oil, contains the principal pungent compound, piperine, along with some essential oil.
  • Pepper products are used for flavouring foods; pepper oil is also employed to a small extent in perfume compositions.

About Black Pepper

Important Information

Black Pepper, Piper nigrum L., are the berries. Black and white pepper both come from the same plant that belongs to the Piperaceae family. Black pepper is comprised principally of immature, unripened berries. Although very different in appearance, flavor, and aroma, black and white pepper are obtained from the same botanical source. They are the fruit or berries of Piper nigrum L.

Used in various food preparations, due to it’s pungent compounds.

The product is superior than conventional product having high flavor notes with elegent color.

  • Piperine content by UV spectrophotometer : 40-75%
  • Piperine content by HPLC : 34-68%
  • Essential oil : 105ml/100g.
  • Moisture : <1%